The club has a number of cups, shields and awrds that are given to outstanding club members each year. In addition the Board has also initiated two additional awards which will eb given each year at the AGM.

Unsung Hero Award

The club would like to recognise those members, volunteers and staff that have given the VMCC service that goes above and beyond the norm. For more details about this award please see flyer. To nominate someone for an Unsung Hero Award please click here

Long Service Award

In 2021 to mark the club's 75th Anniversary we asked members who had acrued over 50 years of membership of the club to come forward and be recognised with an award and certificate. This highlighted some amazing members, some of whom had belonged to the club for over 70 years!! The Club would like to continue this practice of recognising members with over 50 years of membership. If you think you qualify please contact

Major Club Awards

The Club looks forwards to receiving your nominations for the following awards.

This can be done by any of:

Click here for Club Award Nominations Link

  • The Dreadnought Trophy
  • Outstanding effort on a veteran or vintage machine
  • Current Holder: Les Thomas
  • The Harry Knight Trophy
  • Best performance on a Veteran
  • Current Holder:
  • The Harry Mack Trophy
  • Sidecar award
  • Current Holder: Dave Boon
  • The John Griffiths Salver
  • Outstanding activities within the Club
  • Current Holder: Chris Delaney
  • The EE Thompson Award
  • Outstanding efforts in promoting or organising Club activities
  • Current Holder: Surrey & Sussex Section
  • The HO Burton Award
  • Outstanding riding performance by a Club member using a post-1930 machine
  • Current Holder:
  • The Bob Currie Memorial Award
  • One who, in the opinion of his peers, has made a significant contribution to the world of motorcycling ‘in the Bob Currie tradition’
  • Current Holder: Reg Eyre
  • The Daphne Headington Dent Memorial Award
  • Member under 25 consistently riding in club events
  • Current Holder:
  • The Syd Plevin Trophy
  • Outstanding work within a Section of the Club
  • Current Holder: Mrs Joan Crawford
  • The Spirit of the Club Award
  • A member who, in the opinion of his peers, operates and helps in the background and would in some cases go unrecognised for his efforts in helping the club
  • Current Holder:
  • The Hume Trophy
  • Excellence in research into historic motorcycles, as exemplified by a publication or restoration project
  • Current Holder:

The Presentation of Special Awards.

  • Presidents Award – Roy Moore and Neil Lewis
  • Editors Award

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is the Club's highest accolade for outstanding meritorious service to the Club or the cause of vintage and classic motorcycling. An Honorary Member has the status of a Full Member but pays no subscription.

Honorary Membership may be conferred by an Ordinary Resolution at a General Meeting, or by a resolution of the Board. The Club's magazine will publish a citation setting out the basis on which the award has been made.

Contacts for nomination emails

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