Minutes of the 2022 AGM

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It is recommended that all members familiarise themselves with the Members Handbook which is currently available in draft form. Link to Draft Members Handbook

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Directors standing for election:

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The National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) have generously included free parking in our booking for the AGM, however, as a charitable non-profit organisation that is free to enter they do rely on the parking fees to offset their running costs. Should you wish to pay for your parking as a contribution to the NMA please do so at the reception desk at the main entrance, £6.00 on the day or £4.00 if paid online in advance.

Click here for the link to the revised formal notice sent to Members 31st March 2022

Pre AGM Video Calls

First AGM Video Call Meeting was held Thursday 24th March at 6PM
Second AGM Video call was held on Thursday 7th April at 6pm

Third VMCC Constitution - was held on Friday 22nd April at 5PM

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Notice of the Annual General Meeting Sunday, 1st May 2022

SUNDAY 1ST MAY 2022, 10.30AM


5. (revised) To approve the minutes of the April 2021 AGM & November 2021 General Meetings

5.a The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 18th April 2021 - published in the June 2021 Journal Page 52


5.b The minutes of the General Meeting held on Sunday 21st November 2021 and published in the January 2022 Journal Page 50

9. Waiver of outdated Nomination Process for Directors & Areas Reps at the 2022 AGM

10. To elect Directors –proposed by the Club’s Management team

i. Steve Allen

ii. Martin Marmoy

iii. John Holt

iv. Cliff Harris

11. To elect Area Reps –proposed by the Club’s Management team

Please only vote if you are based in the relevant region

i. John Holt as Area Representative for the North West. (Members of Sections in the North West can vote)

ii. International Ambassador - Keith Gibbins (all Members can vote)

Members are invited to endorse the Articles that have been published on the VMCC website since 2019.
Administrative errors in the past require that members re-validate changes that were made to Articles of Association in 2019, regarding:

S. 2.15.6 details of how long a Board Member will serve (2 and up to 3 years renewable)
S. 2.15.12 maximum number of Directors changed from 6 to 9.
Coherence with the Bye-laws
Other small changes recommended by Hon. Gen Counsel Jonathan Dingle
Non-substantiative amendments from member pre-AGM Zoom Calls.

Leadership, Talent Acquisition & Volunteering

i. Clarity in ensuring that all of the highest officers of the club are responsible in law for the interests of the Club and are entitled to receive all the information held by the Club.
ii. Encouraging new volunteers into the VMCC by setting a renewable Term of Office for all Club officers
iii. Recognising achievement and volunteer ownership by facilitating the process for awarding Honorary Membership & Vice-President.
iv. Reducing costs by recognising the current contribution of members volunteering as executives as Vice Presidents.


v. Entitling local members to vote on their choice of Area Representative.
vi. Ensuring a wider group of members is given the knowledge and power to call a General Meeting from the bye laws.

Cost Reduction & Simplification
vii. Reducing internal costs and increasing take-up by simplification of the Membership classes

Membership Responsibilities
viii. Strengthening the importance of Member’s duties toward the Club and bringing them in line with Directors and Staff.
ix. Reducing costs by promoting Alternative Dispute Resolution & Mediation prior to legal recourse against the Club by individual members.
x. Giving the freedom for Event organisers and Sections to choose who participates in an event

Coherence with the Articles
Other small changes recommended by Hon. Gen Counsel Jonathan Dingle

Guidance on Item 14 from Cliff Harris VMCC Finance & HR Director

15. Awards (revised) and Inauguration of President

Meeting Close

Additional items after the AGM: (revised)
  • Launch of the Duty to Ride initiative and fundraising, see www.Dutytoride.org for further details.
  • Presentation of awards to long-standing members of the VMCC.
  • Unsung hero awards
  • Members Raffle



Outcome of 2021 AGM held 18th April 2021

Draft Minutes of the AGM have been approved by the Board for publishing Thursday 6th May

Summary of results
Click here for a summary of the outcome

Minutes and results of Voting for Company record
Click here for draft minutes of the AGM held 18th April 2021

Verbatim transcript of the Zoom meeting
Click here for a verbatim transcript of the Zoom meeting

Apologies received from members
Click here for a list of apologies


Please find the link below for the AGM Notice, Directors' report, club management & financial information that was sent out with the March 2021 Journal

AGM Insert March 2021 Journal

Minutes of 2020 AGM

Minutes of the AGM has been prepared by the Finance Director Cliff Harris, and have been approved by the Board for publishing.
Our thanks to Cliff for his diligence in preparing these minutes.

2020 AGM Minutes

2020 Financial Year Accounts

The Annual Accounts to 30th September 2020 have been prepared by the Auditors, signed off by the Finance Director, Cliff Harris, and have been approved by the Board for publishing.

A further explanation of finances is given in the AGM Notice
2020 Financial Accounts

Further progress on our finances are covered in the April Finance review
Finance review April 2021

Prior to the AGM, and in the interest of transparency, the VMCC Board wish to clarify the position of Contracts awarded to members.
VMCC Members Contracts - 2021 AGM


Appointment of Proxy - Why & When?

The Board are mindful of their obligations under Companies Act Section 324 - Rights to appoint proxies and have made all efforts to comply.

A member of a company is entitled to appoint another person as his proxy to exercise all or any of his rights to attend and to speak and vote at a meeting of the company.

A proxy must vote in accordance with any instructions given by the member by whom the proxy is appointed.

We realise that with electronic voting being permissible the role of the Proxy has been diminished. Members are now able to attend remotely and/or cast their vote directly without using a Proxy.

The Board feel that the ability of the Proxy to participate in the meeting should remain open to those members who are unable to attend the virtual meeting, in which case the member should preferably send their Proxy form and ensure their Proxy will attend before the meeting or vappo. Nevertheless, the Companies Act states that the member is entitled to appoint a Proxy to vote on their behalf which means that Proxy forms received after the AGM on Sunday 18th April but before Monday 3rd May will also be counted.

Why can we not use the Zoom Poll facility to vote?

The Board has considered this and concluded that Zoom meeting Polling or voting is not compliant with the voting requirements of the Companies Act. To be compliant we would need a system that could cope with 13000+ members and be able to match the record of the poll for duplication against the electronic and paper votes. If people have used Zoom to vote with other organisations we would suggest it was with much smaller numbers and/or perhaps not a limited company.

Who will Chair the meeting?

It was resolved that Mario will open the meeting as acting Chair and Cliff will take over for the appointment of the Auditors to the close of the meeting.

The rationale of this is:
  • to avoid conflict of interest in that Mario as the Chair of the meeting is also the subject of voting and may hold unallocated Proxy votes.
    The Directors have advised in the AGM notice that Proxy voting was unnecessary, given the ability to vote directly. Any unnamed Poxy votes will e held by Cliff as Chair who will vote accordingly.
  • To allow the membership to participate in a meeting Chaired by Mario as the acting Chair.
  • To ensure that the meeting is chaired by a Director of the VMCC at all times.

Why are unallocated Proxy votes not simply set aside or split in accordance with the votes present?

The Board have considered these options.
For those allocated expressly to the Chair, the straightforward reason is that these members have the confidence of the Chair and should not be disenfranchised by these action.
For unallocated votes, this would simply downgrade their vote to the equivalent of a none or abstained vote.
Neither of these options are in the interest of the VMCC.and the VMCC should preserve the entitlement of the moderate majority member who wishes the Chair of the meeting to decide.

Why are we voting for Area Representatives en masse and not individually?

The plans for voting for Area Representatives is a combination of practical and pragmatic. The Area Representatives are already in-post and there are no other candidates. Therefore voting 'en bloc' is the least onerous and compliant with our constitution to move forward.

Where is the summary of the 2020 AGM?

A summary of the meeting was covered by the former Chair in the April Journal Click here to view April 2020 Journal

How do family members and other members without a login vote?

The site and voting vmcc.net/agm does not require members' login. A Membership number is all that is required for the scrutineers to validate the vote.

Why does the web voting form have more options than the paper voting form?

The paper voting form was prepared by a new Acting Chair at extremely short notice, over a weekend, following the former Chair standing down. As such the previous paper format traditionally used for proxy choice was re-used to expedite matters. Subsequently, it was realised more information on member choice could be gathered electronically at no cost. The AGM notice includes a foreword from the Finance Director, covering the "best efforts" nature of the AGM this year.

Voting deadlines

Consistent with the AGM notice, votes must be received electronically or by post for counting within two weeks of the AGM. This means that any votes must be submitted electronically or received by post at Allen House before Monday 3rd May to be counted. You may of course vote immediately if you prefer. Alternatively, you may prefer to wait until you have had the opportunity to attend the AGM meeting on Sunday 18th April.

Who are the scrutineers and are they independent?

The President, Mike Wills (President@vmcc.net) is leading the plans for scrutineering, from the start of voting, random check on the votes cast for signs of vote tampering, and including counting the vote on Tuesday 4th May. The Directors and anyone standing will have no involvement in observing or counting votes. There is no longer any resource at Allen House to be tasked with counting votes and it is intended this will be done by volunteer members under the direction of the President.

A statement from the scrutineers covering the end to end process is available by 2021 AGM Scrutineering.
Our thanks to the Scrutineer Team: Neil Lewis, Richard Willams, Michael “Griff” Griffiths & John Donaldson

What is the outcome of the Member Consultation on the future of the VMCC

Click here for the Outcome sent to members on 9th April and in the May Journal.

Was it really necessary to produce a full-colour multi-page document on high-quality paper for this?

'Surely a simple printed document would have sufficed and shown to the members that the VMCC was serious about cost reduction?'

The Board apologises for not disclosing how much it has driven down the real cost of the AGM notice from the simple looking but expensive printed notice distributed in previous years.

This year's notice direct cost per member was less than half the cost of last year's notice as a result of placing the work with the Journal team rather than the old Allen House team. In addition, to avoid being 'penny wise & pound foolish', our more business experienced members will be no doubt be aware that there are other less obvious drivers of cost should one choose to consider the following questions:

• Does it cost any more to design a quality product than an inferior one?
• Can we combine processes – the Journal & the AGM notice, and use combined volumes to drive down cost?
• Is there really a cost difference for B&W over colour, and glossy over matt? Bearing in mind we believe that most of not all members would go for colour at the same cost why would we not provide it?
• Can we eliminate the hidden overhead allocation costs of Allen House from our non-core activities, especially membership operations?
• What added value tasks can the staff be doing on core activities, especially helping lapsed members with renewal, instead of being distracted by acting as a DIY design, print & fulfilment house?
• Will our approach of having high-quality low-cost notices encourage members to respond cheaply electronically, where responses can be collated at negligible cost?

Of course, the real measure of the cost lies in effectiveness – the total cost of the AGM notice divided by the number of members who read, understand and respond- preferably electronically.

With the current AGM notice, the new Board seems to have succeeded in its aims, by soliciting responses at a much lower cost than ever before.

We thank members for alerting the Board to this misconception on cost. The Board member responsible for Publishing will make a statement of apology for not confirming in advance the new cost-saving approach in the April Journal and causing any concern to members.


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